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California, Oregon and Nevada Concrete Precast

CTU Precast services the states of California, Oregon and Nevada with quality precast/pre-stressed concrete products which are used for commercial, industrial and institutional projects. The virtues of the in-plant production are our motivation for providing pre-cast concrete to the markets we serve. CTU is a PCI certified plant for architectural and structural pre-cast products.

Pre-cast products are designed, manufactured and tested in our plant under the supervision of experienced management and a PCI Certified Quality Control Program.

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Get a QuoteA few of the products offered by CTU are Pre-stressed/precast concrete wall panels, Beams, Double Tees and Columns.Wall, Beam, Double-T, Column

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Predictable Quality

quality precastPre-cast products are designed, manufactured, and tested in our plan tunder the supervision of experienced management.

Dependable Schedule

The CTU plant is an indoor production facility and therefore not subject to weather delays.

Accelerated Schedule

Since pre-cast products are manufactured off site, they can be produced while on-site work is in progress saving weeks in schedule. Our accelerated concrete curing process allows us to begin installation of components in as little as 24 hours.

Cost Competitive

Pre-cast products not only offer cutting edge efficiency, pre-cast systems reduce time and schedule for construction services. This saves the owner/contractor time but also money with lower interest on construction loans and insurance premiums.


flexible precastFrom design, manufacturing and installation, CTU strives to achieve the best efficiency and optimization with flexibility to meet each project requirements. A wide range of architectural and structural design options are available including a variety of architectural finishes, and structural applications and reinforcement options using pre-stressed technology as well as rebar steel.

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CTU Precast is a PCI Certified plant
(Architectural and structural certifications)

PCI Certification is the precast concrete structures industry’s most proven, comprehensive, trusted, and specified certification program.

For more than 40 years, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has certified manufacturers of precast/prestressed concrete products.

To learn more about PCI certification please visit pci.org.